Accuracy of Extracting from SQL Server

I was told that there are concerns about accuracy when extracting directly from SQL Server. There could be transactions that are held in hidden temp tables that are not saved in SQL Server. Is this a risk? Is this data in temp tables stored for long periods of time or are they there for just a few minutes? Is there any documentation on this?

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The temp, or tt, tables are only used for to pass data into the database, essentially acting as a dataset parameter before committing the record. Has little to no impact on SQL or BAQ results.

Thank you for your response. This makes sense

Epicor’s recommendation has always been, do not hit the database directly - use the framework. (Bart was the Epicor Architect at the time of this post.)

There are two timing issues. Caching and deferred write tables. Both are intended to improve performance.

What problem are you trying to solve that requires direct access?