Accurate invoices - verification all lines packed that shipped

From time to time when the pack slip is created people forget to pack some of the lines that were shipped. During Invoicing our accounting team identifies these situations as the Sales Order $ don’t match the Invoice $. We’d like to catch these errors before shipment… I suspect this is a problem that is not unique to us so curious how others verify all lines that shipped are on the pack slip. How do others solve this issue?

In E9 we had a bpm that would calculate $ for the sales order(based on qty ship) and display in customer shipment entry, so our shipping team could compare $ on the pack to $ on the sales order as a validation step to ensure we packed all the lines we shipped… Any recommendations on this approach before I port it to E10?

If you ship all lines and full qty from your sales order, you could create a BPM that verifies all parts are packed for the pack id. We use PackOut functionality and have a BPM that will highlight part w/qty partially packed as yellow and over packed qty as red lines. If a sales order line is fully packed the line is highlighted green. This is a great visual for our shipping department.

Is the issue:

A. That some items on the order get boxed for shipping, but are not on the packer?

B. That the packer has items on it that didn’t end up in the box?

C. The order has items that failed to be shipped (didn’t physically ship, nor were they on the packer)?

A. That some items on the order get boxed for shipping, but are not on the packer