ACH - Electronic Payment Entry Remittance form

Does anyone know if for ACH Suppliers that the Bank info is required in order to process the Payments? We did some testing that if the Eletronic Payment supplier does not have any associated Bank info, it does process the payments but we received a blank Electronic Payment Remittance Advice form. Is Supplier Bank info required for Payment Entry for ACH Electronic Payment suppliers?


It processes and we do get the .txt file without a Supplier Bank info. We just don’t get the payment remittance report without the Bank info. Any reason why the Supplier Bank info is required?

So your bank knows where to deposit the money? :man_shrugging:

Remember, when using ACH, YOUR bank is doing the transactions to the other banks. You are not sending anything to the other banks.

We are moving to a new process where our bank houses all of our Supplier Bank info now so that we no longer need to enter it into Epicor. All they require is the Vendor ID and Name which links it to their database information where we manually enter it there instead of into Epicor. For security reasons, they didn’t want bank account and routing numbers being sent in the files anymore. Trying to eliminate dual entry. :slight_smile:

I hear that a lot but in Europe, account numbers are printed on every single invoice since they don’t use checks. These accounts are deposit-only so there really isn’t a security risk. Also, we transmit the file over the web via https and then delete the file. But even then, a different person has to approve the payment online.

As for the original question, just add the vendor code as the bank account with a fixed routing number (all zeros).

Mark W.

We thought about putting all zeros for now to get it printed but that would still require dual maintenance in both system. We were thinking as long as there was a Bank header without the additional required fields, that would require less time entry. It looks like all the payment process went through correctly with any bank info except the remit form.