Action Menu and/or Button Form Call

The ultimate goal here is to add a topic to the Action Menu on the Sales Order that will call the Pick List Report. I haven’t found the code or “how to” to do this yet (and would be grateful for help with this as well), but…Having said that I am currently just trying to get the form to pop. I have a button and on click this is my code:

ProcessCaller.LaunchForm(oTrans, “Rpt.SOPickListReport.SOPickListForm”);

I get the box that tells me what I am calling

Process Key: Rpt.SOPickListReport.SOPickListForm
Calling App: Erp.UI.SalesOrderEntry
Menu ID:

and then I get a message:

Menu ID Rpt.SOPickListReport.SOPickListForm is not valid for the current user.

Is this a securities issue or something else? I can launch the form from the Shipping / Receiving Reports menu.



Use the Menu ID inside the quotes instead.

That worked - Thank you!

Now… How do I get the popup box showing the call to not pop? and/or how do I get this onto the actions tab. I remember seeing it done pretty quick at one of the customization classes, but that was a couple years ago.

For this, you will need to run the server calls that the SOPickList performs. Then you don’t even need the Form. Or, you can use an AutoPrint BPM.