Active Homepage EDD Broken but works in Browser


We have an open Epicor Support ticket that is now with development. We have a brand new application server install of 10.2.500.11. We have uninstalled and reinstalled EDD numerous times but it still does not work in Epicor’s Active Homepage. It does, however, work within the browser after editing config files to put to our SSL.

We are running EDD in it’s own application pool with a custom Account, the same account that manages the main Epicor environment application pool. Our SSL runs off a different name then our main application pool as the environment runs off the internal hostname (legacy from before the SSL) and then we needed the SSL for EDD and REST. Support says this may be the “bug” that is preventing this from working. Does anyone else have EDD working with different hostnames such as the above? If not, does anyone have information on what all changes when we change the hostname of the main application server?

Thank you.

We were able to get this resolved with Epicor Support. It took a couple of weeks of Support going back and forth with Development but the issue ended up being a missing .webconfig file in the /ui/ folder of the EDD install. It appears that this is a rare bug in certain situations on an appserver EDD install. Support can supply the .webconfig and away you go.

Before this we were also missing the EDD shortcut on the Active HomePage sidebar: