Active Users check menu

Dear all
I know of a menu on Epicor where I can see the number of Active Users. But is there no menu to tell who is using it?

Within epicor’s executive analysis folder, there is a user tracker you can use

thank you for your answer.

I have a question. Looking at the menu you gave me, the same user ID is connected at the same time. So the active users number is displayed as 2 people.
what’s the matter?

sorry to bother you

They could allow multiple sessions and have multiple people logged into the same user, or the same person on two workstations. Or perhaps they’re consuming different licenses, e.g., mobile framework and normal client.
Could be a few things.
You can set up a license timeout on the user account, 15 mins is the shortest. This means after that much time of idle activity the license will be released.