Add ability to create User Profile Templates based on Department or Position

Add the ability to template or clone the new user based on their position…


how far would you want it to go? just the settings on the user form itself? Security group memberships? si that enough?

FYI open your epicor admin console, bring up the help and search for Import External Users and Import Active Directory User. In this import process it does support hte ability to select a template or default user when importing users in mass to the system. I think it only copies over the base user configuration and the company data - not the security groups - but it may help you today.


You can make new users in EAC, selecting an existing user as the template.

Whoops! What @pferrington said.

Patrick - In User > Security groups for sure. As well as company/site.

Also would be nice to extend it to workforce and territories. An example would be that our company hires a new salesperson, and we want them to be set up as another salesperson.

And also employees. I bet a “create new user/wf/emp/ter/etc” module would be well received by every customer, since we all need to add new employees as hiring happens. The pop-up could have check boxes for what you want to create. Fill in the text boxes for name, codes, select an existing entity to clone, and poof! You have it all set up instead of having IT interface with a half-dozen modules to set someone up. Just thinking out loud…

We’ll have to take a look at the EAC Import/Export users. We haven’t tied it into our AD… Thanks.

A backwoods way to do it is to:

  1. Select the the user who is your template, in the list view.
  2. Copy that user to excel.
  3. Edit the row as needed in Excel
  4. Copy the excel row
  5. Paste Insert back into the user Security Maintenance list.

Might need to personalize that form to get the fields you need.

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There are intersting things happening around Epicor and users and Authentication. I’ll pass along some notes about this. BTW if you use the Import External Users option it does nto hae to be AD, but you do need to create an External BAQ to a list of users - any datasource you can odbc to would work.

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