Add All Companies Checkbox to Process Calling Maintenance

In order for Process Calling Maintenance to work, you have to create the record in each Company (if you are Multi-Company).

If you are in Implementation Mode then you are probably adding Companies quarterly and maintaining these Per-Company might not suite you if you are trying to implement a Common Model (consistent) approach.

Workaround in Meanwhile

I wanted to share my approach how @Adam_Jones and I maintain the Process X Ref in our GLB Company (On-Prem). This might not work for those who like to maintain it per company and dont have 60+ companies

When you Initialize your Session / Switch Companies there are 2 BO’s being called:

  1. GenXData.GetVersion
  2. GenXData.GetByID

I simply added a BPM on both with a condition and overwrote the Company variable and it downloaded the GLB Companies ProcessXRef (even if the user does not have access).

Both BPMs are Similar


Once I overwrote the ipCompany when ipKey1 is “ProcessXrefCustom”. It successfully downloaded the GLB Companies Process Calling Customizations to any child Company.


Technical Snippet Ice.Lib.Startup (.NET Reflector):

I hope the information helps anyone who is looking to manage Process X Refs Globally.

PS: The End Activity is one of the lucky MES Menu Items that is customized on the form and not sent via MES GetMenuData! Epicor Please Fix