Add another filter to the Work in Process report options


I have a person who needs to also filter the WIP report by PartPlant.PersonID.

I would like to create another tab and add the filter there but I am unsure on how to get it to filter with it and the existing filters.

Any ideas or help would be appreciated.



I think since that is an EPICOR base report, you would need to do it with code (customization?) What we did with ours is to modify RDD and add the planner (personID) there. That way whenever someone runs it, he/she can filter it.

I am familiar with customizing but was unsure on how to actually get it to work. I am attaching a picture to give the idea of what I am talking about.

I don’t think that PartPlant.PersonID is in the RDD for WIPReport.

I added it, but now I can’t seem to know how to make it appear here

You’ll have to do a lot more if you want that grid to be able to be populated with the Person ID search button.

But even if you get to the point where you could build a filter list on the grid, and be able to pass it to the report, the PersonID is not a data field that is passed to the report, so you wouldn’t be able to filter on it.

Here’s the fields that get passed to the WIPReport

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These are mine


You must be using a modified RDD.

Before you struggle with modifying the form, add a parameter or PersonID, and use that as a filter for the Tablix - just to see if filtering on the PersonID gives you what you want.

How do you mean? How can I filter by PersonID if I don’t have it added?

If you could give an example, it would be most helpful.

But I want to give the user the option to select which ever person the want

I understand that. I was just suggesting that you make sure the report produces what you expect.

If you apply a static PersonID filter and it doesn’t do what you want, you better solve that problem before worrying about getting the PersonID passed to it.


Please explain how you mean ‘apply a static filter’?

I don’t mind testing before I get too far into it, just want to make sure I am doing what you are saying.



In the Report Builder, select the outer tablix (first click in a field, then click the tablix corner)


Then the Properties Page tool

You should get the Tablix Properties window. Select Filters, then add a filter. Scroll through the available fields, and enter the text that needs to match.


I don’t have the same RDD (Report Data Definition) so I can’t select PartPlant.PersonID

Preview the report - it’ll ask you for the GUID. You can find it in the System Monitor.

Edit: Here’s the info you need from the System monitor:


I feel like we may be talking two different approaches.

I may misunderstand how the selecting form in Epicor works. I assumed that if you filtered it right at the beginning before running the report, it would cut out the unneeded records and be faster by sending a pre-filtered list.

The way you show would push all the records to the report and then have the report filter.

Is it the same process both ways?

If you make a BAQ report, you can add Filters, and other Options. And these would limit the data the BAQ returns, and sends to the report.

I’m pretty sure that you cannot do this with builtin reports. Your only option is to let the built-in report pull all the data (for the options you selected), and then filter what actually displays on the report.

You could try building a BAQ that does the same as the WIPReport, then you could add the filters you want. You’d have to build the BAQ Report from scratch too.

It would be a real hack … but if you only have a few different PersonID’s to filter on, you could make a report style for each of them, and just use a static filter to limit what is displayed/printed (like I described above).

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I will need to find out how many people they want to filter on before I decide on a route. If they want a couple, I will do your last suggestion. If they want a lot, I will have to build it from scratch (which I am avoiding at all costs!).

Thanks for helping me clarify what is needed. If I have any more questions, I will post back into this thread.

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Not as fancy as what you show, but you could add the value to BPMCallContext.Character01 and then use that to filter the report in SSRS. You will need to add the PartPlant.PersonID to the RDD though. I’ve done similar things in the past. The report still gathers all the data unfiltered, but only presents the data you want.

Here’s a link with some more details about what @Jason_Woods said

Add custom fields to ReportParam - #5 by Rich - ERP 10 - Epicor User Help Forum