Add conditional subreport to Customer Statements

I’m sure this is easy for those who know, but I need to add a subreport to my custom Customer Statements report. The subreport simply calls another report which is an embedded image of a credit hold notice letter. I am able to run the “letter” report on its own without issue.
When I create the subreport within the Customer Statements report, it does display the contents of the subreport but it will basically embed it behind some of the grouped data like the column headers for the 30/60/90/120 balances (as an example). Additionally, it spreads the image of the report over several pages, which I do not understand why.

Basically what I need is for it to only display as the last page of the report if the customer 90 day balance is over a certain amount, but I’m a bit lost. Any pointers are appreciated!

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