Add Data Discovery Dashboard (or view) to the Kinetic Homepage

On 10.2.7, When I create a edd view and dashboard, I am unable to add either to a Kinetic Homepage. Not sure if I’m missing something. I have my base homepage loaded, I go to edit:

Select either Discovery Chart view or Discovery Dashboard (result is the same picking either):

Select my View (for this example) and click OK:

After selecting it, the Kinetic homepage appears to add it:

But a split second later, the homepage reloads and my view is gone:

Worth mentioning, it does this regardless of the view or dbd I select. The behavior is the same: search/Select Widget, screen refreshes, widget gone. Am I missing something, or is this perhaps a glitch?

Bumping, hoping someone else out there can confirm if this is happening in the newest Epicor version. Thank you!