Add field to Crystal Reports report

Hi Guys,

In order to show Purchase Order number ( sent to supplier) and the invoice (sent to customer) in the packing slip, i have added the OrderRel and the InvcHeadShip tables to the RDD. I have created the links and now everytime I generate the report the XML is showing the required information.

my problem is in the Crystal Reports side, i’m not being able to see the new tables in the DatabaseFields list… as you can see i’m completely new to Crystal Reports.

Check advanced.crystal.reports pdf document is available in EpicWeb under Epicor 9.

Hi Ruben,

You need to tell the report to add the table and how it is related to the existing tables. See screenshot below.


Thank you Nancy!! that was it!!!

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Hi Arul,

regarding that, should you have an idea on how to find that pdf? i haven´t been able to locate the pdf you are telling me