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I think I stole that code from someone that knows a lot more than me. I probably got it from this forum a few years ago. What would you replace it with?

This is another case where I have to debug step by step. Break the widget tree at various points, tuck in the message box so the code will finish on the message box. Keep breaking, inserting the message, and reconnecting until you get that error again and not the message box. That helps point to the widget that is causing the problem. Does that make sense?

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Something like this:

Direct reference:

DynamicQueryAdapter dQ = new DynamicQueryAdapter(this.oTrans);


queryResultDataSet = new System.Data.DataSet();

dQ.RunCustomAction(queryId, actionId, queryResultDataSet);


I’ll have to give this a shot and add it to my bag of tricks. Thanks!

I got it working. I’m just a goober and had the flow run straight into an error. Must have happened when I went through and replaced the GetDsTree and Checkin/out chunks. This is absolutely awesome!

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Can you post updates for Kinetics?

Perhaps, someday I will get it converted. This is one conversion that gave me lots of trouble and I gave up on moving it to kinetic more than three times. I’ll try again at some point and if I get a good conversion I would be happy to post it (if I can figure that part out!) :stuck_out_tongue:

Will this run in classic mode on Epicor 11?

Yes. I wrote it in Modern. Classic and Modern are the same thing.

Nate I get the following error when trying to Import the getPartRevECOs.baq and getPartRev.baq

Can’t import query definition from version latter than current:
Query import finished with error(s)

Thankfully these are both easy BAQs to reproduce. For the first one

	[ECORev].[GroupID] as [ECORev_GroupID],
	[ECORev].[PartNum] as [ECORev_PartNum],
	[ECORev].[RevisionNum] as [ECORev_RevisionNum],
	[ECORev].[CheckedOut] as [ECORev_CheckedOut]
from Erp.ECORev as ECORev
where (ECORev.PartNum = @part  and ECORev.RevisionNum = @rev  and ECORev.GroupID = @ECOGroup  and ECORev.CheckedOut = true)

And for the second one:

	[PartRev].[RevisionNum] as [PartRev_RevisionNum],
	[PartRev].[RevShortDesc] as [PartRev_RevShortDesc]
from Erp.PartRev as PartRev
where (PartRev.PartNum = @part)

As long as you name the BAQs the same, you shouldn’t have to change any code in the BPMs.
Good luck!