Add quoteDtl programmically

I am trying to add a quoteDtl programmatically. When I do an update I get this error:

The maximum number of characters allowed for Group is 8

I don’t see a “Group” field in the quotedtl object. What does this mean? What fields do I need to populate at minimum?

Maybe post some code so we can see what you’re talking about

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Maybe your product group…QuoteDtl.ProdCode. Are you entering the description instead of the code?

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Are you adding this via a BPM or UI Customization?

I’d tip my hat to Mike’s suggestion, but without the code like Aaron suggests, we dont have much to work on.

Thanks for all the reply. It was a simple mistake on my part. I didn’t TRIM the string when I assigned it to the field. The extra white space caused it to go over the max limit.