Add security on a tab in a dashboard

We have a custom dashboard with 2 tabs. The securities differ for each tab. Is it possible to define 2 securities? Or do we need to create 2 separate menu items?

Thank you!!


Just a quick idea on how to accomplish this:

I would create two security groups and assign the proper users to those groups dependent on who should see what.

Create a separate menu item that uses a customization to hide the one tab and set security on that menu item so that only users who are a member of the one security group that need to see the 1 tab can access that specific dashboard.

On the other menu item with the dashboard that shows both tabs, you would give access to the security group who is authorized to see both tabs.

Doing it this way prevents both groups of users seeing a double menu item for the same dashboard.

Thanks Brandonā€¦ that definitely will work.
Sorry for the delayed responseā€¦