Add Terms Code and Description to form

Find out what method it's calling to get the data using a trace, then add a
post-processing routine to look up the terms code and set a UD field to that

Kevin Simon

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Sent: Tuesday, August 30, 2011 12:59 PM
Subject: [Vantage] Add Terms Code and Description to form


I am trying to add the customer.termscode and terms.description to the
customer credit manager form.

The existing customer view for the form doesn't have the termscode.

I started by adding a FKV (customer table to the NV: Customer).
This gives me the terms code but...
I can't add a SKV to the terms table to get the description.
I'm thinking that FKV and SKV are probably not the best choice, even if I
could get them to work.

I looked for an adapter to use instead, but so far, no luck.

Is anybody able to share a solution or ideas?


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