Add text from Memo linked to Purchase Order Line Releases

Hi there!

I am wanting to add in the text from the Memo that is attached to the Releases in the Order Entry menu under Lines however i am not sure how to connect the Memo to anything on the Purchase Order in the BAQ Phrase Build, wondering if you can help please?

Thank you!


Table = Memo Value Remarks
Memo_RelatedToFile OrderRel Identification of document type OrderRel
Memo_Key1 1001 Order Number
Memo_Key2 1 Order Line Number
Memo_Key3 1 Oreder Release

Try linking Memo and PO as below

  • PODetail.BTOOrderLine = Memo_Key2
  • PODetail.BTOOrderNum = Memo_Key1
  • Memo_RelatedToFile = OrderRel

Thanks so much for your reply, unfortunately it did not work, not sure what i have missed? :frowning:

OrderRel doesn’t seem to exist from erp.PODetail?

Try using OrderDtl for the RelatedToFile.


And no need to reference OrderRel.

Thanks for the reply, i can’t see to find OrderDtl either :frowning: Which table should this relate to? Ive checked erp.podetail and erp.porel

There are fields BTOOrderNum and BTOOrderLine on the PODetail table.

These are typically used for BTO (Buy To Order) lines.


While memo fields can be accessed in various ways, you might be better off adding a UD column to OrderDtls to hold your “memo”. Personally, I’d add a sheets to the Comments tab for “PO Comments”