Add the ability to insert columns into a grid from the customization wizard

Add a new screen customization wizard: “Add a column to a Grid” wizard. The desire is often and there are several ways to do it. Automate it.


i.e. a way for users to update “Collections”?

And retrieve the data to be added to said collection.

Yes, I know there is an argument about system response and collections being needed
but… they always seen to add more pain when I need to customize something.

I hear you. We don’t do it here much, if at all, but if there was a consistent way to do it then it should upgrade better than everyone doing it differently. Maybe the Epicor Wizard just runs a (U)BAQ and substitutes that for the grid? Something to make it easier than UltraGrid programming. It’s definitely PDD: Pain Driven Development.

100% agree. Customer often asking to add information to grid. Pure PDD!