Add to RDD

I am working on our Sales Order Acknowledgment in 10.2.300. It is customized a bit and I am running into an issue. The error keeps getting thrown Invalid Column Customer_SampleNew_c. So I see it is in the report correctly everywhere, but it is not in the RDD. Does it have to be? If so, how do I add it?

In the RDD, select the OrderHed table then go to Report Table --> Linked Tables --> Description Fields and select Customer from the drop down. Next, select the field in the Available side and move to the PIcked side. Regenerate your test data and it should then be available…

Thanks! I have been messing with this for a few days now thinking I ws going to have to rewrite the whole thing. But this will save me a bunch of time. It is something I only thought of today after I took a 2nd look. What can I say, I’m a little slow at times!:joy::joy: