Add VAT to posted AR invoice

Hi there.

The invoice was created for the value of £170.00 but for some unknown reason, the VAT was set at Zero value. In all fairness, the VAT should have been UK Standard; i.e 20 per cent. What is the best practice to create an additional 20% VAT (£34.00) invoice so it is posted to VAT Ledger and both invoices to be connected so the customer pays £304.00?

I think the answer could be creating a correction Invoice, but how?

Could someone help? Thank you and very much appreciated AE

Create a Credit memo to counter the 170 and apply the credit memo.
Recreate the new invoice with VAT.

Thank you Toby.

To tell you the truth I wanted to avoid cancellation/credit of the invoice. I was rather thinking of the Action - Create Correction of the invoice. I have tried this feature but it does not let me to change any values.