Added "HDCase" table to RMAForm RDD but no HDCase records are populated in the temp tables

Hey everyone,

Pretty sure this one is fairly simple. So I have added the HDCase table to a copy of the RMAForm report data definition. This is so I can view the case topics on the printed RMA Form. Originally, I added the table, and created a Report Relationship joining HDCase to RMAHead based on the RMANum field. However when I go to the report database to look at the data that is pulled when this report is generated, the HDCase_[REPORT_ID] temp table had no records in it.

Next I tried adding a table criteria to the HDCase table; once again using HDCase.RMANum = RMAHead.RMANum. Running another test, I saw the same results as my previous attempt - the HDCase[REPORT_ID] temp table is created, but it has no records in it.

As a test, I deleted both the table criteria and report relationship to verify I could pull something from the database into the temp table (I only have 2 cases in this dev system). However, I’m seeing the exact same behavior - the HDCase temp table is created with the correct REPORT_ID, but it has no values. Since I have no filtering criteria on the RDD, shouldn’t I be pulling something back from the database?

Again, I’ve confirmed that the erp.HDCase table has records, I have verified that the report style I’m using to print the RMAForm is pointing to this modified data definition, and I’ve bounced the IIS app pool just to be safe. What am I missing here? I’m going back through the Epicor Implementation Guide but I’m not seeing my mistake (yet).

I also have made sure the columns I’m after aren’t excluded on the Data Sources > Report Table > Exclusions sheet.

Thanks in advance!

I ended up adding the Report Relationship BACK to the RDD, but I changed the relationship type from “definition only” to “output” and that was the missing piece!

If anyone happens to stumble across this, I have a follow up question which is more just idle curiosity than anything. If you add a new table to an RDD without any filtering criteria or report relationships, does Epicor attempt to bring back all data within that referenced table or will it ignore the table completely?