Adding a grid that calls a BAQ and subscribes to data on the sheet

Can you add more that one column to subscribe to with an embedded dashboard? It says that you can have more than one column with the sheet wizard, but since you have to use the dashboard browse, I don’t think you can subscribe to more than one can you?

Also, when I try to filter by quote line number in the dashboard, it doesn’t let me pick dashboard browse, it only lets me pick it with the Quote number.

Do I have to call the BAQ in code to pass parameters to get this to work?

I figured it out. I need the quote number as a dashboard browse, then if I add a tracker with the line number equal to, the subscribe found it and filled it in. I wish they could make it less cryptic to get that to work.

Not I have another question about this subscribe. Am I not allowed to have mixed subscribe/not subscribed fields? I want to have a tracker that allows then to filter by type (a calculated field created in my union query). When I add it to the dashboard, it works there. But in the embedded grid, it makes in disabled, even though it’s not set to subscribe to anything. Is there any way to make this work?