Adding a Large BAQ to Kinetic Home Page may cause performance issues and crash your Epicor instance

Submitted a support ticket and this issue has been “passed on” to development (or black hole)

  1. Login to “HomePage”.
  2. Click on the vertcal 3 dots.
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Pick the BAQ Grid widget
  5. Add a baq that take some time - ie. all open jobs
  6. Save.
  7. Maximize window
  8. Restore window
  9. Resize window.
  10. lengthy unresponsiveness
  11. EO Browser Error.
  12. Close Epicor and re-open


Confirmed this in 2022.1.11 and 2022.2


Is that really any different than in classic? The tab auto loads would do the same thing. Is it trying to load the whole result at once in Kinetic vs paginated?