Adding a leading space to a DMT field

I know it sounds like a dumb thing to want to do but I want to DMT countries during data migration without doing anything manually. If you put a space before the company’s country name it will show at the top of the list when people use the pull-down. But DMT is trimming my leading space off. Is there a way to force it to the top without using a tacky underscore or something?

@markb_wi Have you tried a single quote in front of the space? I know I have had to do that for leading numbers so excel would not drop them and DMT did not add them to the part number in Epicor.

This is a bad idea. Choose another prefix character that will bring it to the top.

Could you please define ‘bad’? This is a character which could potentially show on all kinds of outward facing documents

It’s a bad idea in general, it may not be in your case.

Spaces are routinely trimmed off front and end in data processing. (For good or ill)
Can start causing weird problems when you don’t know they are there.

It may be ok for your specific use case, but if you ever need to query for this field,
you, or someone else, may need to account for that.

If you know where it comes out on the documents, you could trim your prefix off there.
(Which obviously may or may not be an option)

Thank you Greg but sadly, no it did not work as well as well as many unicode characters I tried. I’ll just cut bait on this one.