Adding a new Column to the Sales Order Landing page

I added two additional columns in the Order Entry Landing page. The first column is tied to the field SalesRepList from OrderHed. This field populated fine. The second column I added is tied to field PartNum in OrderDtl. This one will not populate. I added both the same way. Any ideas?

I think of most “Landing Pages” as “Header Information”. So, in this case, Order Entry Landing Page provides information you find on the Sales Order Header (which includes the SalesRepList). The PartNum is a level down in OrderDtl. So it wouldn’t inherently show at the header level.

One thing you can do is create a BAQ which includes both OrderHed and OrderDtl information, then customize the landing page with a new BAQ grid instead of the standard grid to show the new results.

I did this for our Opportunity/Quotes landing page and it has worked well…

But… just know that you may have repeating data. You’ll get a row for each Line Item… not just (1) for each Sales Order.

You COULD, potentially, create a calculated field in your BAQ that concatenates all sales order line items into a single string (list). That could get you back to one line per order in the final grid.

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I have thought about that, but I was hoping there would be an easier way. As an alternative I created a quick search that pulls a BAQ with all the info. I also reached out to epicor and they said that it was the actual app not seeing the info and that there should not be any problem with it. Currently it was sent to dev.