Adding a page to customize an SSRS Report

I have basic skills with Report Builder from having taken the SSRS Customization Course. I need to add a whole page of Terms & Conditions to our Sales Quote forms. In looking at the report set up, how do I add a page? Do I add a page break after the second page footer? Do I add a table or parameter? Not up on all of these terms. Used Crystal Reports in past.

The way I set up our T&Cs was to add a rectangle object and then in its properties, set the Page Break property to Start. You can then add a text box inside the rectangle and paste your text inside. It will start on a new page.

We have ours in our Sales Order Acknowledgement form. As the last row in the Order Number Group we added a row with the rectangle inside of it. Inside that rectangle is a textbox with our T&Cs.

Ok, so I wouldn’t add a rectangle to the footer of the second page? I have the T&C’s saved as an RDL in the Report folder and thought I would add a subreport to a rectangle in the footer. Would that work? I’m not having much luck adding the subreport. I’ve found how to add a rectangle. UGH! Guess I’ll have to sit through a tutorial.