Adding a Range of Serial Numbers on MES End Labor Activity

Our current setup for creating serial numbers for a electrical board is as follows:

  1. A job is created for the serialized part (C6174-S) -S stands for serialized.
  2. Underneath this part is our non-serialized part (C6175-NS) -NS stands for non-serialized. NOTE: C6175-NS is received as a quantity into inventory as a non-serialized part.
  3. The user clocks into the job for the C6174-S, where they add serial numbers one-by-one based upon the board they pull out. This is the serial mask we currently use:

Our supplier includes a sheet of paper inside each box that has a range of 50 serial numbers. I have tried using a serial mask like this one below…

When the user tries to add a range, there isn’t a text box to input the starting serial number. The default starts at C61740001.

Is there a way the user can add a range of 50 serial numbers on MES End Labor Activity using a serial mask?


As you’re using a mask you’re unable to specify to input the starting serial number. The transaction quantity is only for 20 so you’ll be unable to assign range of 50 S/Ns to the job.
If you want to specify the numbers I would change the Base Number Structure to Alphanumeric.