Adding a Spreadsheet to a Dashboard?

Hello everyone - I have yet another question.

I have a dashboard where I would like it to display information from a spreadsheet - nothing more.

Is there a way to do this?

I haven’t tried it, but I guess you could achieve this with a fully customized solution - C# code to process the workbook and then dump the data in the dashboard’s grid.
I would try and have something that pulls the data from the Excel and saves it in a UD table though. If you can’t use the Epicor database for some reason, you can use a different DB and then use external BAQ’s to access it.

Does a user need “Special Permissions” to create a UD Table?

@jpol UDxx tables exist and you could have a DMT update the UDxx table. We did this to bring our old systems sales history into Epicor with a weekly import since we were running both for almost a year.
Depending on how the spreadsheet is generated you could also automate the processing with Powershell scripts.