Adding an FKV column to Multi Resource Scheduling Board list view

I’m trying to add the JobHead.JobReleased column to the Multi Resource Scheduling Board list view. The Epicor 10.2.200 Customization User Guide has an example of adding a foreign key view to a new sheet, but not as another column in a table collection… Anyone have tips?

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  1. Created a new MRSB customization.
  2. Added an FKV to NV: JobDetail with the JobDetail.JobNum as the column.
  3. Got stuck. I don’t see JobReleased available in the column collection.

Do I need to add JobHead.JobReleased to the Custom Column Like tab? Like Column Value?

Thanks for the help!



Is it possible to add a foreign column to a list collection, or are we out of luck, and I need to create a new sheet (like all the examples show)? Thanks!

Found this on the EUG for E9 (need to be an EUG member to access it). It looks like it’s VB code, and above my head to convert to C# for now. Documenting my journey in case anyone here can also benefit…

Did you ever figure out how to do this?