Adding An Inspection Plan To A Part Revision

I am trying to add an inspection plan to a part revision. I check the part out to engineering workbench and try adding a new inspection plan. However, the option is greyed out for the current revision, and I can only add an inspection plan for the previous revision. Any advice on how to add it to revision B?

Cancel the check out and then try.

This didn’t resolve the issue; it is still greyed out.

Is the revision approved? You may not be able to add one until it is approved? :man_shrugging:t2:

I can add it to the one that is not approved but not the one that is approved.

Oh! Then unapprove it and try to add one.

How can I unapprove a revision? In part manager the box is locked, and I cannot turn in an unapproved revision in engineering workbench

Do you know if there is security in Part Entry that stops you from un-approving? It should be open for you to change it.