Adding Bin to Job Traveler raw mats subreport Crystal definition

Hey all,

This question has been asked before but I am still missing something. I am attempting to bring in Bin locations for raw material and components on the Job Traveler for one of our companies.

I have created a new RDD and linked PartBin to JobMtl.
I brought the new xml data location into Crystal, and it did pick up the PartBin correctly. I was able to bring in the Bin number.

However, I am missing rows in the subreport as compared to the old definition:
image Old
image New

I have tried taking one of the “missing” parts and adding a Bin into the “Bin Information” tab in the Part master as suggested elsewhere in this forum, but there was no change.

Any ideas? We are on-prem, 2022.1.21.

You may need an outer join. What if those are null?

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