Adding Column To Existing DataGrid

I am trying to add JobMtl Part Number to Resource Scheduling Board to batch operations easier.

I know there are a lot of posts relating to this…I have used the BAQDataView to get my information. Great. I do not want this in a separate Grid though. I want this in the same grid and to pull the information on the publishers on that row

My question is how do I have this in the SchedulingBoard grid and not the BAQGrid I made. And with it currently being publisher and subscriber the field only fills in when you click on the row. I want it to be constantly filled in the row.

This is what I have:
public void CreateBAQView()
baqView = new BAQDataView(“BatchOperations”);

		string pubBinding = "SchedulingBoard.JobNum";
		string pubBinding1 = "SchedulingBoard.AsmNum";
		IPublisher pub = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);
		IPublisher pub1 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding1);

		if(pub==null | pub1==null)
			oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pubBinding, "MyCustomPublish");
			oTrans.PublishColumnChange(pubBinding1, "MyCustomPublish1");
			pub = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding);
			pub1 = oTrans.GetPublisher(pubBinding1);

		if(pub !=null | pub1 !=null)
			baqView.SubscribeToPublisher(pub.PublishName, "JobAsmbl_JobNum");
			baqView.SubscribeToPublisher(pub1.PublishName, "JobAsmbl_AssemblySeq");