Adding Credit Memo without Epicor checking for tax connect

Just throwing this out there to see if anyone has run into this and can provide information. We’re in our test environment doing some testing with Credit Memos and when we add a credit memo we get the following error

TaxSvcConfig record not setup correctly. Use Company setup to define this record

We aren’t using the Avalara Sandbox so we have Tax Connect disabled and all fields wiped out in the Company Config for Tax Interface. My assumption is that it should not check for Tax Connect if we have it disabled, however, we keep getting this error and are unable to get around it.

We are on 10.2.500.7, never had this error in prior versions. Epicor support solution is to only use new transactions in test environments, but we are try to test fixing some old data

It sounds like the Invoice being Credited has taxes calculated on it (via TaxConnect), and in order for it to make a proper CM, it needs to look up the tax info to reverse it.

Your safest thing would be to get the Avalara Sandbox. But then you’d need to duplicate all the settings from your live Avalara setup (including all the customers with special info like tax exemptions). But still safer than turning tax connect on in your test environment.

You might want to try turning tax connect on in your Test environment just long enough to make the CM, but disable it prior to posting. I’m confident that no transactions are recorded in TaxConnect, until you post it.

Tax Connect Sandbox is quite expensive, so we only buy a couple months when we do upgrade testing. We don’t need taxing for any other testing.

Prior to 10.2.500 - we disabled tax connect in our test environments and didn’t have the sandbox. We did not get any tax errors with this setup. I don’t understand why in 10.2 it’s still trying to write to the tax tables without having tax connect enabled. Very frustrating - pretty much ensures we now have to purchase at least a month of Avalara sandbox whenever we want to test a fix program from Epicor…

Does the problem pop-up on every CM you try to do? Or just ones with taxes (calculated via Tax Connect)?

When exactly does the error pop-up? As soon as you select “File -> New -> Credit Memo” ?

Upon saving after entering basic info (like the reference Inv)?

Trying to print the edit list?

Trying to post?


TaxConnect is disabled in out Test Envirinment, and I have no issue making a CM against an invoice that had taxes. The CM doesn’t automatically calc any taxes. But I can create a new Tax Type (Duplicating the GLC from the Tax Type the original Invoice had) and add it to the CM line, and it calcs properly.