Adding Data to Crystal Reports DataSet (xsd)

Hello, I am trying to add more data to a crystal report (xsd file), specifically the customer statement. Does anyone have documentation on how to achieve this, not much useful information when using Google from what I could find and Epicor will not provide any documentation. Thank you

Epicor typically does not get involved in custom reports without payment. There are plenty of help sites for Crystal out there. They are not based on P21 integration, but they exist. What are you trying to do? Add a table to the report? Add a field? Calculated field?

Trying to add more data to the customer statement dataset for use in the report. Specifically trying to add related territory info for the customer which isn’t available in the standard report. I know I have to modify the data stream in P21 and then modify the related xsd file but the documentation I have found isn’t the greatest

Just wondering if you’ve already done a Google search?
e.g. “Prophet 21 Crystal Reports” - returned a list of links that looked promising
(to someone who knows nothing about Prophet 21)

I’ve found the EpiUsers.Help site to be great at helping with SO many things but…
Crystal Reports issues is not one of them ( usually ).