Adding data to MtlTags Report

Using Epicor 10.2.700.29
I would like to add data to MtlTags Report
We are trying to help out our material handlers by adding data to the material tag.
Issue: The MtlTag table is a temp table created when print tags are created

MtlQueue has some of the data we need but the temp table (MtlTags) does not have every column from MtlQueue in it.

This question was asked a couple of years ago but, with the updates, I wondered if there was a way to achieve this task without creating a new button, programming, etc. Is there a way for me to use just the RDD available?

I have modified the PartTags report style. But I do see that it only gives you MtlTags as a Dataset. And of the fields that are in the RDL, they really do not all associate to fields seen in the RDD. Interesting. I’m at a loss on this one right off hand.


I figured it all out. You must join the MtlTags table to the MtlQueue table.

Thank you for responding to my post!

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@NArmstr what was the join you used?

Create a relationship in the Report Data Definition.
MtlQueue to MtlTags
Parent: MtlQueue
Child: MtlTags
Relation Type: Output
Company, JobNum, PartNum, AssemblySeq

Added it but unfortunately did not get the result I wanted. I am trying to figure out how to put the person reporting Qty and clicking the Print Tags button on MES to show on the file that is generated. Any Ideas?

There are a couple of things you need to do.

  1. In the report data defintion → You need to add LaborDtl table
    a. Click on Criteria tab → Field Name: ActiveTrans = Check mark IsConstant
    and check mark in Constant Bool
    b. With LaborDtl still selected → Click on Linked Tables → In the Pick Links tab, Put EmpBasic in the right hand column (Picked) → Description Field Tab → EmpBasic → Make sure you have Name in the right hand (Picked) column.

I’ll give this a shot on our test env. Currently waiting on epicor for an exception we are getting. Once that’s done ill give it a shot.

Ok got it done. Here are some screenshots.



Are table relationships not required to add this table in? Like they were added for MtlQueue.

Any data you would like to be on the report, you will have to build a relationship.

@NArmstr I tired like yo suggested but failed. I am getting an error message stating “The left field LaborDtl.ActiveTrans does not exist in the output relationship MtlTags to LaborDtl”.

I looked at the error → “The left field LaborDtl.ActiveTrans does not exist in the output relationship MtlTags to LaborDtl” Would you go into the LaborDtl table and make sure you unchecked the exclusion on ActiveTrans field.

That made it work, however, the field comes out empty. I guess its because nothing is getting submitted? This is just the print tags button on MES; nothing gets recorded until I actually report the QTY.