Adding Dollar Symbol in a BAQ field

I just want to add a $ sign to a field and have tried the following but it doesn’t really work:


SQL stuff isnt my forte, but I dont know that you can add character to a number.

You could create a calculated field as an nvarchar and do it though.

If I use nvchar, what is the format that I need in order to restrict only to two decimals?

I used this in a test:


Instead of 1234.1234, you’d reference your number field


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What happens when you do Multi-Currency? :slight_smile:

I always find not adding those prefixes and suffixes works better, for various reasons but to name one or two:

  • Exporting to Excel will recognize that field as a TEXT and not easy to SUM it
  • Can you Sum it even in the Dashboard?
  • When using 99.9% the text gets weird in a Dashboard due to Epicor Styling bugs