Adding external documents as menu items

Is it possible to add menu items that link to external documents? We have an HR Form Library on our server and I want to add a custom menu folder within E10 that links to these documents. Most of the documents are PDF or Word files. Hope this makes sense!

You might be able to use the URL Link option:

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Thanks. I tried that but it just opened my web browser.

You shoudl be able to specify a URL to the file itself on sharepoint or whereever and the browser should open it.

If you want to open local files, chose “External Process”.

Put your filename in the “Program” Text Box: “C:\Users\username\Desktop\filename.csv”

Of course this only works in classic.

I wouldn’t do this . . . making people go into Epicor to access things that aren’t actually in Epicor will just waste your licenses and their time. It will always be faster to go directly to your web browser favorites, or your windows explorer “quick access” pinned items, than to launch anything via Epicor. Plus the maintenance headache.