Adding Freight code to Packing list Form

Hello ,
Im trying to add freight_code.freight_cd to p21_fnt_packinglist_hdr . I’ve tried multiple joins but its shows error saying that it refers to a table valued function . Here’s the join which i’ve joined .
Can you help me if this join is valid or not ?
Thank you

Like this?

Thanks for the reply Judson ,
But how will the XML file pick it up ? In the Crystal form , i’ve added a field called CDS_FREIGHT_CODE are we supposed to include in the column section . If yes where do we alias it ? Thank you

Im getting this error … Is it still okay is i keep getting this error ?

That error is typical if it’s using a function.

Typically, when I make these changes to datastreams I would turn on the crystal setting to save all print files (log out/on after this change for it to take effect for youself). Try printing the doc and crystal will generate a .cdf that will contain the data and headers. I use this to be sure of the name that I need to add into the .xsd.

Turn that settting off after capturing one file. Verify Database in Crystal, it should tell you about the new fields found.