Adding multiple records at once

I am curious if this is possible. I have failed at attempting this so far. I am wondering if others may have a solution.

I am trying to save the round trips to Epicor. I have a problem where I am adding let’s say 60 releases for an order. To save time, I was thinking I could call ‘GetNewOrderRel’ 60 times and then call Update just once at the end. To me, it seems like the GetNewOrderRel row only lets you have one record with a RowMod of ‘A’. The first call adds the new record, but every subsequent call doesn’t seem to do anything.

Does anyone have a different idea on how to add all these releases in a more performant way?

You can do it with the UpdateExt method… but be-aware this method is buggy as hell on most BO’s! I recommend you take the trips if you can

I’ll try it at least and see what happens. Question – UpdateExt has you pass in the DataSet. My issue is that the DataSet is not getting multiple records added to it. How else would I add in the new added rows to the Table?

So the UpdateExt takes a different dataset then the standard method, you’ll need to make it (are you doing this via a customization? integratino? wcf, ? rest?)

Oh crap, sorry. I didnt realize this.

Our own app using their DLLs and creating a WCF connection.

Check out this thread where I do a lot of talking to myself. Ultimately I was able to do multi-transactions by using ImportRow.

Thanks for the info. I will look into it.