Adding parameters to an existing BAQ Report

I had already built a BAQ Report and got the format exactly the way I wanted. However, I forgot a parameter value field. I added this inside the BAQ so to filter the dataset and had expected the BAQ Report Designer to be smart enough to pick up the change, but it did not.

How do I get the BAQ Report Designer to pull in the parameter field after-the-fact?

Make sure the BAQ Report isn’t loaded in BAQ Report Designer when you make the change to the BAQ. After the BAQ is updated and saved, opening the report in BAQ Report Designer should reflect the added fields.

Or are you using RDD for the BAQ Report? You know, with criteria sets.

I tried your suggestion, but it did not work. The BAQ Report does not pull in the BAQ Parameters. I made sure I closed everything including the BAQ Report Designer and the SSRS RDL.

I was able to use the BAQ Report Designer – Report Filters (which does work).

BTW, I have not touched the RDD. I only modified the RDL. Is that my only option is to use the Report Filters?

I could be wrong, but I think you don’t want to add your parameter field in the BAQ as a “parameter”. You just add the field to the list of display fields for your BAQ. Then inside the BAQ report designer you have to reference that field as a filter field.
I only use BAQ “parameters” when I am running the BAQ in the designer.

I think you are correct. You cannot use the BAQ parameters as filters. It appears it has to go in the BAQ Report Filters.