Adding static list combobox to Kinetic tracker -- doesn't filter


I’ve deployed a dashboard into a Kinetic version in 10.2.13 and added a dropdown list combobox to the tracker.

It displays the list correctly, but it doesn’t filter and the “Reset Search” button doesn’t clear the added field. the other fields that came from the dashboard work okay.

I’ve added screenshots of the setup below. I suspect I’m missing some little something. :slight_smile:

Ideas on the issue?





The original classic view dashboard contained a custom combobox, which didn’t make the trip to Kinetic. Evidently, neither did the column it was bound to.

I made a fresh copy of the dashboard and tracker, including the textbox created in the tracker creation. After converting to the Kinetic app, I added the dropdown box in Application Studio and hid the textbox. It seems to be happy now.

For what it’s worth. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys,

I need some help here for Kinetic smart classic. I wanted to create a drop down list to filter my dashboard as the default filter i had from the tracker is a text field for one of my column.

May i know if there is anyway to modify the text field to a drop down list? If not how to configure the setting for epicombo from the customization tool?