Adding tables to SalesOrderStatus dashboard

Good afternoon,

I have a request to add Invoice #, Packing Slip #, Order Date, Ship Date and Ship By Date and a couple of other fields to the Sales Order Status dashboard. I made a copy of the zSalesOrderStatus query and added invcHead, ShipHead, ShipDtl to it. Problem is it either doesn't pull all the Open releases, couple of times it doubled the entries, or it crashes Epicor. When it crashes I get an error message that says "Maximum numbers of users exceeded. Try again later." Tells me to look at my transaction log. When I do my disk is full. I need it to pull everything whether it has an Invoice number or not. I also made a copy of the existing Sales Order Status dashboard and made sure that it matches the existing one plus the fields I needed to add both to the report and the Advanced Search of course. My user wants to be able to also search by Ship Date, Order Date and Ship by Date.

Shown below is how I connected the tables.

I'm running Epicor 905.702a with SQL. Any ideas?

Thank you,
Patricia Hall
Systems Analyst


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