Adding Tableset Rows

var PORelDataSet1 = new Erp.Tablesets.POTableset();
var drSNF = PORelDataSet1.PORel.NewRow();
drSNF["PONum"] =o.PONum;
drSNF["POLine"] = o.POLine;
drSNF["PORelNum"] = o.PORelNum;
drSNF["DueDate"]= o.DueDate;
drSNF["XRelQty"]= o.XRelQty;

This is probably a dumb question but does adding a row to a tableset, also add it to the database? I want to use the tableset as a placeholder for these values to later use in a calculated field. I would think it would need to go through a BO like update or updateext to actually add it, but wanted to make sure before running this

You are correct. You would need a BO to process it. I would use the BO for GetNewPORel to fill it with the defaults.

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