Adding UD Fields into a New Blank SSRS Report

Hi All,
I am building an SSRS report by itself (no Epicor, RDD, etc.), just accessing the database straight from Report Builder. It is working so far, except for the UD fields. SSRS gave me no errors about joining to a UD table, and the report would come up but with blank values on the UD fields.

Any ideas?

Did you join to the View or the UD table itself?
Epicor will create a view in the db which joins in the table with the UD table

The one i have tried so far is inner joining QuoteQty to QuoteQty_UD on QuoteQty.SysRowID = QuoteQty_UD.ForeignSysRowID

How would I access the view?

I tried using dbo.QuoteQty but no luck :frowning:

reference your database in there as well

This worked for me:

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That did it! I also found out that using the query designer works too. Very odd.