Adding User Prompt

I am new to the Workflow Designer but would like to add a user prompt to a workflow. In the converted step, I see where to edit the User Prompt then drag the User Prompt to the steps that are already there.

We already have a prompt for “Enter RO”, then below is a few steps, “Replace RO_92B44B34”>$Field.RO", “Replace RO_92B44B34”>Title", “Replace Title>$Title”, “Replace RP>Keywords”, “Append Keywords>$Keywords”.

When I drag in another User Prompt for “Enter VIN”, the subsequent steps are not generated automatically and I am unsure how to create and what Field ID to assign. Can anyone please direct me to where I can learn more about this process?

The workflows are something you create from scratch - there really isn’t a wizard or step-by-step guide. Deconstructing a workflow and examining each block for Actions/Steps will show you the flow and the ‘how-to’ - but you first need to really understand WHY it’s doing some of those things.

I’m not sure on your programming background, but the workflows are really no-code programming with prompts, variables, conversions, math, database lookups, and all that good stuff. There is a lot of good documentation on the ECM Help site and in Guided Learning. I’d start there.

For your current query - It sounds like you want to add a prompt and store that data somewhere. The first thing you need is the ‘somewhere’. Most likely you’ll need to add a field to the Content Type you are working with. Then it becomes available to you in the steps like ‘Prompt’ and ‘Replace’. The Action of “getting and storing” is the combination of steps that you see already - Prompt (with a variable to store the user input) and a few Replace statements to store the data in a field in the Content Type. In your case above, the RO Number is stored in the field “RO” (Replace RO_92B44B34”>$Field.RO), then it’s used for the built-in variables for $Title and $Keywords.

Check the Learning/Help materials and the workflow editor for more descriptive explanations of these steps, but that’s the gist. You probably only need the Prompt and Replace steps to get the VIN # unless you want to do more with it.

Thank you for that explanation. I will do some reading!