Additional Fees Tag-on to Supplier Price List?

Is there any way in ERP 9 to include supplier tag-on charges to auto populate when ordering items? For instance Set-Up Fees, or a Cutting Fee. Something that would allow a new buyer to know that there are additional charges applicable to an item when placing an order.

Sure. You could create a BPM that adds a misc header or line charge for specific part numbers. You could add a UD field to the part table (or price list, I suppose, but I’ve always thought it’s not as easy to incorporate) to define the charge amount. We’re not on 9.x, but assuming you’ve got User Tables, you could define it there, but I’m guessing you’d like your purchasing dept to maintain it, and they use part list.

Easier would be a BPM that pops up a message when specific parts are added to a PO.

TL;DR - Yes, you can.