Adjust Qty of material before Receipt Entry

Hello All!

I need to reset the inventory qty of some types of articles before they are received by a ‘Receipt Entry’.

My first thought was to do a BPM on ‘Erp.Receipt.Update-PreProcessing’ in which (for each part) from a condition on the part it will be reset with a link on the InventoryQtyAdjAdapter (or on the IssueReturnImpl).

Can someone show me some part of the code to do that?

I tried to do a ‘Invoke BO Method’ on ‘Erp.IssueReturn.NegativeInventoryTest’ but it keeps throwing the ‘Type *** exists in both IssueReturn and Receipt’ error.

Thanks all for the help!

I’ll do an ‘UP’.

Please guys can someone help me?
I keep hit a wall on this :confused:

You mean this error?


I mean, do I need to use an external dll?

I guess I must do that also because we are on 10.2.400. So no ‘Epicor Functions’ :confused:

Thank you!