Adjusting a Dashboard tracker field to EUC

Anyone have an example of adjusting a tracker textBox field to a BaqCombo field ?

You can’t really “adjust” it. Once it’s created, that’s what it is. The best way to do it is to leave it off on the original tracker creation, and then add it on customization of the tracker. You will need a second BAQ to get the list of items. Let me know if you need screen shots to show you how.

thanks for the reply

i have had mixed results with actions similar to your recommendation
i.e. leaving the original field off the tracker and adding a custom baqcombo field to the tracker
i guess i just haven’t gotten all the setup items correct.

if you have screen shots handy - i would appreciate them thanks
but please dont go to any trouble … i’ll work through it.
i just needed to know i was on the right track


Here’s a quick and dirty screen shot. The stuff with arrows needs to be set to filter correctly. This combo that I grabbed is just asking for a list (you can type it manually) but one of the types of combos it set to ask for a BAQ, I just don’t have time to sift through them right now. Whichever one you pick, you need to set the tracker query control to true, pick a column. Set DashboardPrompt to true, and then set your applicable conditions.

Hope that helps. I won’t be able to reply to anything until later this afternoon, but see how far you can get.