Adjusting Invoice Detail cost data

I am hoping someone has a better idea than Epicor support on this issue. We have an invoice detail record that has an erroneous material unit cost associated with it. We have subsequently corrected the material transaction and the production detail report now shows the correct unit material cost. The invoice detail record unfortunately does not and this affects some reporting we do. The error is orders of magnitude off otherwise I might just ignore this.

Epicor has informed me that the only option is complete reversal of the accounting transactions which include invoicing and payment receipt. Then a complete rebilling and cash receipt cycle. This seems extreme and laborious.

Anyone have a top secret method to do this? I thought running COS/WIP would do this but it does not appear to correct our error.

COS/WIP moves costs from WIP to COGS etc… it may be worth a shot, ensure the job is not closed, if it is reopen it, make sure that you see the material transaction in job tracker that you are having the issue with, and then run Inventory/WIP Reconciliation against just that job.

Which Field in InvcDtl contains the bad value? There is a super secret way to fix these but…


as you mentioned cash receipt cycle i assume we are talking about an Ar invoice.
The way Epicor works is the following :

  • when you do the shipment the cost is captured (and you can see it in COS/WIP Reconciliation report);
  • when you have the invoice then the income and VAT is booked against the customer AR account.

As you say there is something wrong on the invoice then probably you have a wrong price on the line detail. To fix this either create a correction invoice (it is available on E10) or just make a normal credit note and match it against the invoice.