ADP Time and Attendance Integration?


We are in the process of setting up the T&A module in ADP to track employee punches/schedules/time off/etc., which comes with the requirement that all punches happen through the ADP system (iPad, web based, phone app, etc.). That is going to require the staff to clock in to 2 separate systems (ADP and then MES). However, that will also cause for a time-difference between the 2 systems. An employee enters the building, clocks into ADP, goes and does whatever for a few minutes, then gets to their work center and clocks into MES and then into a job. This will severely skew the efficiency reports that we rely on for, well, efficiency.

Is there any integration between Epicor and ADP Time and Attendance that would come into play here? Basically we need a way for Epicor to somehow ‘become aware’ of an employee clock event in ADP. It is my understanding from my HR Department that ADP will handle everything for the employee…in itself that is great, but taking that responsibility away from Epicor is problematic, as the employee needs to be clocked into their shift in order to clock into a job…

Thoughts? :slight_smile:

I would guess either you could call an Epicor REST endpoint from ADP or call an ADP endpoint from Epicor. I would go to the ADP Developer Resource pages and wade through their API options and go from there.

Let me know if you settled on a workable solution. Either clocking system is perceived as not user friendly on the shop floor; asking them to use both is adding insult to injury. Rubbing salt in the wounds. Drowning the baby with the bathwater. Or something to that effect.

I am scheduled for a demo of the Epicor ADP External Payroll Integration, hopefully that has some options.


Do you have any update about Epicor ADP External Payroll integration? is it a good choice? we are planning for it. What’s your advice?

The powers-that-be haven’t moved forward with anything yet, so I have nothing to report on at this time. The solution(s) that were presented either did not integrate with Epicor in any fashion, or required so much customization that it would not have been a feasible (or cost effective) solution.


Does anyone have a solution on this yet? We are also looking to integrate ADP Time & Attendance with MES. Would love to hear if anyone has a working solution.

If you are not already married to ADP for Time and Attendance (T&A), there is a solution, but it involves using a different service for Time and Attendance (which is capable of integration with ADP). We used Paychex for both payroll and T&A and had a similar problem as their Paychex T&A would not communicate with Epicor. We found a third party integrator that represents EasyClocking and had developed and maintains the integration between EasyClocking and Epicor, permitting us to have the employee clock in at the time clock, then the integration creates the Time and Expense (T&E) record in Epicor, thereby placing the employee “On shift”. The T&E record is created within seconds of the employee clocking in to T&A. Likewise when the employee clocks out using T&A, the Epicor T&E record is completed with the actual Clock Out time. Furthermore the integration maintains the employee record in the T&A system from Epicor Employee Maintenance, and Payroll Employee Maintenance forms so that, with rare exception, we need only maintain employee records in Epicor. The integrator created a couple of BPMs that prevent the employee from clocking in/out in MES and the message redirects them to the timeclock. Because of the way the integration works, out of box Idle Time doesn’t work, but the integrator has a BPM for mitigating that as well. I’m not naming the integrator as I don’t know if that violates the forum’s policy.